Business Purpose Statement

We positively promote innovation, education, and cost reduction in every aspect of our operation. We make it our highest priority to please our customers and to leave them impressed with our service and quality. The driving goal of our company is to produce safe and secure food that we can provide to our children without worry, and to deliver the same quality food to consumers’ tables in Japan and around the world.

Fishery Processing Business

We process popular fresh fish such as Tuna, Swordfish, Marlin, and Snapper, which we ship overseas. In our HACCP certified facility, we have established a thorough hygiene management system that makes it possible to ship high quality products. We have established a production system with traceability controlled line. It has been possible for us to meet customer processing demand, including various sizes, semi-dress, dress, and loin, all while maintaining the strictest quality and freshness management.

Marine Product Exportation

We sell a variety of products to foreign countries. From our HACCP certified facility, which operates under a thorough hygiene management system, we ship safe products overseas. We have been operating as a seafood wholesaler in this favorable location for over thirty years. Furthermore, as a seafood processor, we are now shipping our safe HACCP-controlled seafood products under the throughout Japan, North America, Asia and Europe.

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