News of Corporate Activity

A number of activities going on in the company both internally and externally, such as supplier visits, training and certification of employees. External events including concern for the social environment and the natural environment, which continues to improve the quality and scope.

Denpasar Januari 20, 2022

Development of Disabled Children

Responding to requests for wheelchair assistance for the needs of disabled children YPAC Nusadua Bali, today, January 20, 2022 PT Balinusa Windumas sent 2 units of wheelchairs to meet the needs of the Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children. PT Balinusa Windumas is always moved to respond to requests for assistance for orphanages, nursing home, and fostering disabled children, especially during this covid19 pandemic. We care for sharing

BALI, Indonesia, Aug 01, 2021

Tama Werdha Nursing Home

On August 1, 2021, the management of Balinusa Windumas held a social activity at the Tama Werdha nursing home. The visit was in addition to providing basic food assistance, as well as hand sanitizer equipment, masks and hair cutting activities for the elderly. .

Denpasar August 01, 2019

Orphanage Donation

Balinusa Windumas held a social service at the Denpasar "Tat Twam Asi" Orphanage by handing over money, rice and basic necessities to dozens of orphans at the orphanage in commemoration of the 32nd anniversary. The staff were very happy to help in what was an important initiative.

BALI, Indonesia, Aug 30, 2018

Nursing Home

As part of the celebrations of the 31st Anniversary of PT Balinusa Windumas, the company organized a visit by members management and staff to the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of The Werda Shanti Nursing Home residents. We wished to give love to these kind and wonderful people admiring so much of their long lives. It was not only beneficial to those we spent time with but also for our employees. We were so pleased to visit and truly hope we brought joy! .

Denpasar Sept 19, 2017

Blood Donation

PT Balinusa Windumas staff member’s were participants in a blood donation intiative on September 19, 2017. The drive was led by the company’s Director, Mr. Herman Alianto and 78 staff participated. The result was 39 bags of blood being collected and sent immediately to The Indonesian Red Cross at Sanglah Hospital Bali. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance in donating blood and participating in social responsibility initiatives. The staff were very happy to help in what was an important initiative.

BALI, Indonesia, Aug, 2016

Care for Children Orphanage

On August 28, 2016, In commemoration of the 29th anniversary, PT Balinusa Windumas implement social activities that are part of a program to share the love by giving social assistance to children. With this activity hopes the children can feel comforted and cared for. Presumably the humanity and concern us more refined and can support a number of orphanages so that these children can live well. .

Denpasar June 5, 2016

One Man One Tree.

an easy way to save the environment by simply planting trees. The tree is one of the living creatures that can save our world from global warming. Trees have many benefits produced one of which is to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as the air for us to breathe. For us it is important to plant trees and at the same time we are participating in saving the environment and our planet.

BALI, Indonesia, Oct. 6, 2013

On October 6, 2013, taking place at the Benoa fishing port area, Bali, the Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry, conveyed that the sustainable fishery implemented by the Indonesian fishermen can be an example for the world's fishery sector. The commercial fishery, especially the Indonesian long line tuna fishing technique, has successfully met the international standard, making it one of the world's most demanded tuna exporters..


Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States John Kerry supports Indonesia's efforts to encourage sustainable fisheries to fulfill future food needs . Fisheries in Indonesia are considered strategic to sustain food needs, including for the United States. This was disclosed during John’s visit to the Fishery Port Benoa in Denpasar ,Bali, Sunday ( 6/10 ). During the visit, John who accompanied the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Sharif Cicip Sutardjo ,met with fishermen's representatives hand line tuna and tuna processing plant workers PT . Balinusa Windumas.